• We started using Savannah from Angel Assistance one year ago, and we have been so lucky to have found her! Our son was less than a year old when she started assisting, and she was so great with him. She worked part time for us two days a week, but anytime we had something come up last minute, Angel Assistance was always available to cover babysitting. The flexibility was really helpful! Let's not forget date nights too! Her duties with our son were feeding breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Playtime throughout the day and putting him down for a nap. We are very scheduled, and she followed along with our son's schedule perfectly. I would recommend Angel Assistance for anyone looking for a great nanny. We are so lucky to have found them, and our son loves them too!
    — Brittany, Jon, Louie, and Charlie Monnier
  • Angel Assistance was recommended to me by a friend and we have been happily using their services for about a year now. We have two toddlers and as a mom I was beginning to feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the housework and take care of the kids while working full time. Angel Assistance has provided some much needed help and we are very thankful. They come to the house 1-2 times per week to clean, keep up with laundry, the dishes, and the day to day organizing and "pick up" (toys, pantry, etc.). Our kids love Savannah and she babysits regularly for us as well. I always feel comfortable leaving the kids with her and they have a great time together. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and flexibility and highly recommend their services.
    — Kristin Edwards
  • We hired Savannah with Angel Assistance first to care for our four year old when we would go out for date nights and other parent fun. Our daughter is very slow to warm up to everyone so we knew Savannah was a good fit when we saw Kamryn take an immediate liking to her. She went from a child that would cry every time we left to having fun and looking forward to having her “big-kid sitter” come over. Since our beginning sitter days in 2015, we have expanded to utilizing Angel Assistance for watching our house, fur babies and cleaning while we went on vacation. The fact that our fur babies include a diabetic 17 year old cat that has a very special feeding and medicine schedule, a 6 month old puppy who was potty-training and a five year old pit mix that needs allergy shots… this was no easy undertaking! Savannah handled the job with ease and definitely gave us peace of mind while we were gone that our animals were in good hands! We are grateful to have found Angel Assistance and be working with Savannah on a regular basis. She is great with communication, prompt to coordinate schedules and it’s so nice to have someone trustworthy as a such a valued helper to our family!
    — Kris, Kristy, Kamryn, Bobee the cat, MoMo the pitmix, Gracie the puppy and our newest addition- Bubbles the fish LaRose
  • I've been using Angel Assistance since March of 2015 and I cannot say enough great things about their service. It has changed my life; instead of coming home from work to the stress of feeling like I can never get it all done and a pile of dirty dishes, I come home to a clean, peaceful environment where I can relax and spend time with my family. It has been a godsend to have someone I can trust handling so many day to day tasks in my home. All I do is leave a to-do list and like magic it all gets done!
    — Amber Lewter
  • We first met Savannah with Angel Assistance in August of 2015. Savannah started out as someone who regularly came over for date nights every week. Our kids absolutely loved having her as their caregiver!! After a couple of months, we decided to permanently employ Savannah for after school care for our two children. Savannah is responsible for safely transporting our children from school to our home and to many after-school activities. She ensures that they complete all of their homework and any of their household responsibilities. She is very easy going, dependable, and willing to play games with the kids. She demonstrates patience and is very capable of managing conflict-resolution with our two children. Savannah is an extremely responsible and caring individual who is not just a caregiver to our kids, but has become a part of our family.... We would HIGHLY recommend Angel Assistance to anyone who needs that extra hand in their life.
    — Melissa and Michael Bauer
From the moment we met her, we knew that Kai would be the perfect fit as a caregiver to our then, 8-week old daughter, James. She brought an incredibly calm energy to our home, and it seemed that she and James connected immediately. During our (unfortunately short) time with Kai, she was nothing but professional and courteous. She always communicated frequently, was sure to check that she was doing things as we wished in regards to taking care of James, was eager to help with other tasks around the house, and even helped us out with schedule kerfuffles when she could. Honestly, the only reason that we had to discontinue booking Kai on a consistent basis was that our little one was accepted into a local daycare. Luckily, Savannah and Kai are open to us booking date nights, and we hope to continue to keep Kai as part of James life for as long as we can.
— Maggie Weeman
  • Angel Assistance has helped clean and organize my home twice a week for several years. They are always professional and my family feels very comfortable having them around our home. The best thing about Angel Assistance is they help out with errands that regular cleaning services do not offer. They have picked up groceries and dry cleaning for me on numerous occasions and they have even helped take care of my dog. Not only do they help with all of this, they also babysit my three and five-year-old regularly. My children always have a great time and I always feel confident leaving them in Angel Assistance care. Their team always goes above and beyond my expectations. I have highly recommended their services to friends and family and will continue to do so!
    — Thomas and Sarah Cyphers
  • Angel Assistance has been a GAME CHANGER for our family. Our daughter looks so forward to seeing Savannah each week, and it's so nice to not have to worry about some last minute errands I need to do that day because they take care of it for us. From cleaning and vacuuming to preparing for company coming over for the weekend, doing dishes and laundry, going grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and even taking our car to the car wash for us...they truly help do it all (with a great attitude every time) and make our lives so much easier.
    — Angela Wingard
  • Angel Assistance has made my first PhD semester bearable - I literally don't know how I would have been able to do it without them. The house is clean, the fridge is full of clean food, and the dogs are happy. My husband and I are able to just focus on work, not the little stuff around the house. It's worth every penny!!
    — Jennifer Bashford